Siobhan Doherty

Siobhan Doherty - C / WD / WA

Netball History:

Siobhan first started playing during her school days but then stopped until her twenties. She then joined, and enjoyed playing for, a big club in the Avon League. Siobhan then took a break from netball when she had her children, but is now back with vengeance!

So why Netball?

She loves team sports, specifically winning as a team!  Siobhan likes training together so all can support each other, both on and off the court.


Life gets busy so she really relishes having time to herself to do something she enjoys, that challenges her and keeps her fit all at the same time.  It's only a few hours a week, but does keeps her sane!  Plus, she says, "the ONC girls are all lovely and it's quite a sociable club, so there's always someone to go for a drink or coffee with, after training or matches". Siobhan is one of the newer members of the club and is a great addition to the ONC family :)