Sally Williams

C / WA - Sally Williams

Netball History:

Sal loved all sport when she was at school, but especially netball & athletics. 

So, why netball?

It's competitive, you're playing in a team, you get fitness training, get coached on skills and make good friends!


Having done several Bristol & Bath half marathons, Sal was keen to keep fit in a different way and jumped at the chance to join Olveston Netball Club in 2011. She loves playing a team sport and really enjoys getting coached and learning lots more about how to play a better game. Sal says "I love playing competitively but also enjoys the training sessions. It's so different to running as you forget how hard you are working when training and playing matches!". Sal plays with vigor, is fast around the court and her mid court game is played with high energy - she has been a real asset to the club since joining. Her whole family are sport mad so it's seems normal for her to also be part of a team! Her sons hadn't realised how physical netball was until they watched a few matches! Sal would encourage anyone to give netball a go if it was a sport they enjoyed at school.