Vicky Low

Vicky Low - GK / GD

Netball History:

Vicky played netball at school as well as many other sports such as tennis and hockey. In Secondary school, games lessons were her favourite part of the week.

So why Netball?

Being a massive sports and exercise lover, netball for Vicky, ticks all the boxes. She says "it allows me to bring out my competitive side and not only maintains, but improves, my level of fitness. I learn something new at almost every training session too". Vicky also highlights the social side of the club, which she says outweighs everything. "Olveston Netball Club has the most fantastic bunch of girls. We have had some great times together and have no doubt there will be many more to look forward to!”


Vicky has been with the club since the day it started back in the summer of 2010. After taking a break for a couple of years to raise her three children (two of which are twins) she has grown with the club and would not be without it. Vicky has been a great support since the club's inception. She is a great organiser and initially held the role of treasurer, later as secretary and now as social secretary. Having only moved to the area in 2009 with her husband and children, she has settled in nicely and thanks the netball club for playing its part in that. Vicky's enthusiasm for ONC is contagious. She says “it has been wonderful to watch and help the club develop into the fantastic club it is today. It's still developing and growing. Another great aspect for me is seeing new member's confidence and fitness improve as they develop into great netballers, and seeing the club getting better each year".