Rearranged Harlequins Game

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The1st team turned out to play a rearranged game in a bracing wind and steady downpour of rain last night.  Despite miserable weather, the team were fired up to support one another in an exhilarating game, both to play in and watch (so the coach and steadfast supporters say).  After a 25-38 lose to Harlequins earlier in the season, the team were keen to go on the attack straight from the off.   The court and ball was slippery with visibility reduced by the sideways driving rain at times.  No surprise then, that neither team got anywhere near a high score with the wind taking the ball on a completely different course once it left the shooters hands.  ONC took up the challenge though and with a no fear attitude,  although a win was not to be had this time, an amazing 16 all draw prevailed.  Just shows what can be done when you throw a few adrenalin junkies together and mix them up with a mish mash of skills and fitness training! Roll on the next game . . .

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  1. Sarah

    Well said T..? Really enjoyed the match shame about the weather.. Keep fired up ladies we have more to give?well done Olveston keep it going.x

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