Lesley Garrett

Lesley Garrett - WD / GK

Netball History:

Lesley enjoyed netball at school.

So, why netball?

Lesley says "Netball is an exhilarating game - physically its pushes me to my limits. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and see your old friends on a regular basis - we have a great laugh and support each other in lots of ways".


Lesley has been playing with the club since it was established and has never looked back. She says her game play and physical fitness has gone from strength to strength and was acknowledged when she was presented with the 2011/2012 "Most Improved Player" award, for her team. She enjoys playing WD and WA. Lesley says she gets a great buzz when her team succeeds and doesn't ever want to let them down. She loves playing sport outside and even in bitter conditions warms up quickly. Lesley concludes by saying ONC are certainly not just fair weather players!!!