Kerrie Webber

Kerrie Webber - C / WA

Netball History: 

Kerrie has always played C/WA, ever since she first started playing netball whilst at secondary school.  After a few years out of the game, in 2011 she joined a local team on a whim with a friend and has loved the game ever since!

So Why Netball?

Kerrie has always loved playing sport, even though she says she was actually quite bad a most sports as a kid!  Netball has always been the one she's enjoyed playing the most; she loves that it is a high energy game where every player counts. Being competitive is a big part of the fun, but whether it's a win or loose, Kerrie always gets so much enjoyment from playing that she can't wait to get back out on the court to do it all again the following week!


When not running around the netball court, Kerrie is most likely to be found running around after her one-year-old son!