Julie Daniel

Julie Daniell - WA \ GA \ GS

Netball History:

Julie loved playing netball at school and has played with a Back to Netball team for the past three years.

So, why Netball?

Netball is a great form of fitness and an enjoyable team sport where she gets to express her competitive side. As well as Julie seeing anything to do with netball "something for her", she says she "loves the social side too, and it's with a great bunch of ladies."


Julie's love for netball was rekindled when she joined a local Back to Netball group. This drove her to want to play a more competitive game, whilst improving her skills and fitness. Julie joined Olveston Netball Club in 2012, who says being part of a team in the Avon league has been a fantastic experience, and one she has very much enjoyed! Julie tries to play as much as possible, but she also likes to find time for other things. She loves spending time with her husband who refers to himself as a "netball widow", and her two young boys who keep her very busy! Her other interests include cooking, shopping, socializing (especially if cider is involved), and the good old outdoors. From the first time Julie attended a training night, it was clear she was already a good player, but could see the potential to build on her skills to make her an even better one. Since then, attending the training sessions alongside playing matches, Julie's level of fitness, skill and determination has all increased, which has helped her blossom into a confident and indispensable GS! She is also just one of those players who always turns up with a smile on her face.